Quality hemp grown by a farmer who’s seen it all.

West Kentucky Hemp is an operation of more than 800 acres (and still growing). Located in Murray Kentucky, we partnered with Murray State University to be one of the few Hemp growers here in the State. Specializing in the growing of hemp and extraction of CBD, Joe uses his five generations of farming knowledge to grow a crop that’s pure and honest – just like his great-great-grandfather would have grown — if it was legal back then.

Why should you choose West Kentucky Hemp?

We’re members (one of the first members actually) of the Kentucky Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program – so you can trust that WKH is not a here today, gone tomorrow operation.

We believe strongly in the use of organic practices and sustainable growing methods. After all, farmers are stewards of the land. We want to leave the soil as fertile and healthy as we can, so that the next generation of farmers can keep growing.